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Wellness Challenge - Who’s Ready for a Hot Mumma Summa?

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Hopefully you read my previous blog post when I discussed the need to make some changes in my life but if not, please read it here...

So what's this #HotMummaSumma wellness challenge all about you ask?

My homie over at Queen Rising and I came up with some mini "stretch" goals to encourage each other to get on board with an overhaul of our eating and incorporate regular exercise 3-5x per week to get in shape. So the Hot Mumma Summa Challenge was born from that basically and is about putting ourselves first to get into better shape - physically, mentally and emotionally. The challenge will begin to coincide with Summer Solstice, June 20th and end on August 20th, which gives us two months to increase our commitment to selfcare and develop healthier habits!

The challenge will have two components, lasting roughly 30 days each and is free to anyone who wants to join us...

Hot Mumma Summa Challenge

  1. Goddess Body Detox

  2. Perfect Your Pretty!

Let’s talk about the Goddess Bodies we are about to create as the first leg of this challenge! If you aren’t familiar with the Goddess Body Detox, it’s a system created by Angela Elizabeth with a focus on women's holistic healing, plant-based hygiene, natural hormonal/emotional balance through plant-based supplementation and overall pristine wellness. This is a super easy detox kit to use and you decide on the perfect duration for you between 7 and 28 days. It incorporates herbal drops that you ingest 3x per day along with a glass of water, a fiber supplement you drink once per day with a focus on eating fresh, organic, raw fruits, veggies and seeds. Now, if you prefer to do your own detox without the aid of a kit and/or you ain’t about that raw food life, it’s okay, we still welcome you to be part of the challenge. While we created a few parameters around the challenge, it’s not meant to be rigid so make the adjustments that are required based on your individual health needs and medical provider’s direction. I will be doing the Goddess Body Cleanse for 14 days and I will also include seafood and cooked veggies along with plenty of raw, leafy greens and some fruit.

To be honest, rarely have I succeeded with a detox because typically I am not disciplined or prepared with the foods and beverages that I need to have on hand to be successful. However, I was very successful with losing 20-25 lbs when I eliminated alcohol, soft drinks, all meats except seafood, most added sugar (except weak lemonade 😬) and processed foods a few years ago. As a result, I know my LOVE of mini cucumbers and romaine lettuce will be a huge part of the raw eating since I eat them both every single day! When you add in the summer fruits I love - cherries, strawberries, watermelon, etc. - the food part of the cleanse/detox I am not overly concerned with. However, my struggle of late has been my water intake, which is key to any successful detox, eating and wellness plan. So in addition to the Goddess Body Detox, the challenge will include drinking at least 4 - 8 ounce glasses of water per day as a starting point for me to do better with my water intake.

The final part of the Goddess Body challenge is another biggie, physical movement! While everyone is different, typically it’s not the best idea to incorporate a rigorous fitness program at the same time you are engaging in a detox or cleanse. Therefore, we are including walking and weights in this first challenge along with a healthy detox and increased water intake. The goal is to get out and walk for at least 20 minutes, 3x per week and include one resistance training session per week - that’s it! I don’t know about you but I am NOT an all or nothing person and have to start most things with baby steps so we figured this was just the push needed to get us eating better, drinking more water and moving these bodies.

For me, this #HotMummaSummaChallenge about developing discipline and consistency in my life around self-care and wellness while loving the skin I am currently in. I believe it’s possible to want to do and be better while still being grateful for where you are on your health and fitness journey. That being said, I am pretty out of shape in terms of fitness and I’m not liking how it feels at all! Additionally, I recently recognized key signs of excess stress based on weight gain and more tummy fat - no ma'am!!! Plenty of folks want to tell me it’s age and to a point I acknowledge there are physiological changes as we age BUT I have to do everything I NEED to do, to ensure optimum health especially for weight and stress management, which I haven’t been doing. For most of my life, even if there were spurts of me not being physically active 2-3x per week, I’ve always found a way to “run and play” as my dad always says. Well, it’s honestly been 3+ years since I‘ve been motivated to run, play or move consistently. Thank God for muscle memory for all the weight changes my body has been through, especially in recent years but it can only go so far without including some weekly cardio and strength training.

Next week I will talk about the Perfect Your Pretty portion of the challenge and share a few planned meet-ups and group activities for anyone interested in joining us for both portions of the #HotMummaSummaChallenge but first things first - getting these Goddess Bodies in order!

Hopefully you are already encouraged to join us in this community wellness challenge but if you need a little more motivation, in a couple of days we will announce a contest where you can win a FREE #GoddessBody Detox Kit, valued at $99 just in time to start the #HotMummaSummaChallenge with us, so stay tuned... Let's get it ladies, TTYL!

Yours in Love, Light & Lipstick,

Charlene 💋

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