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Have I got the “Perfect Foundation” for you!

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I’ve been a LimeLife By Alcone Independent Beauty Guide for over three years and while I haven’t tried every single product, I’ve tried a lot that I love, let's start with facial skin care - Quench Cleanse and Dream Clean, Skin Polish, Masque of Zen, Dew Date, Skin Therapy and One Drop Wonder make the list. However, a top favorite that relies on good skin care but is a makeup product that also makes the list is the Perfect Foundation!

Perfect Foundation is vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and in both my personal and professional makeup kits. This product works for all skin types and since it’s wax based, the longer you wear it, the more skin-like it becomes as it melts onto your skin! Not to mention a little goes a long way because it's 50% pigment, that means it has A LOT of color so a little product will cover a lot of skin. Did I mention that this is also the foundation that is used by many professional makeup artists for celebrities, film, television and stage because of it's staying power? One guess as to which superstar's makeup artist swears by this formulation for her electrifying and energetic stage performances...🐝😉

I have oily and sometimes acne-prone skin and I love this foundation, especially in fall and winter months when we can all use a little extra hydration. The key for using this foundation for oily skin, is cleansing and preparing your skin properly as well as setting it with powder. If your skin is normal to dry, our Perfect Foundation is going to give you a beautiful finish that looks like healthy, glowing skin. As a point of reference, I use and mix 2 shades - Shinto III (#15) and Shinto IV (#9) - depending on the time of year and if I have a tan. Remember, women of color almost ALWAYS need to choose 2-3 foundation shades to create a flawless finish with a level of dimension to the skin. So while I mix the two shades mentioned above to get my "exact match" most of the time, I would also use another foundation shade (#12 is the PERFECT contour shade for everyone) or our Complete Concealer to contour adding shape, depth and dimension to my face - hello cheekbones!

Check out the video below to learn from one of the best in the business and the very first Professional Makeup Artist I had the privilege of learning from, Danessa Myricks. This is a super easy way to get started with a flawless foundation application that will last all day.

Need assistance with selecting your Perfect Foundation shade(s)? Then take our Foundation Matching Quiz here - just select the "Start" button to initiate the quiz! If additional assistance is needed with product selection or makeup application techniques, I am happy to schedule an individual consultation or facilitate a small group workshop at my makeup studio or virtually. Be on the lookout for my The Beauty Basics Virtual Makeup Sessions to include one for Flawless Foundation when you're ready - email me with any questions about our Perfect Foundation or connect with me on social media @epiphanybeauty.

Yours in Love, Light & Lipstick,

Charlene 💋

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