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We offer makeup mentoring and coaching services for new and aspiring beauty professionals seeking to improve their artistry skills and business acumen, including but not limited to Makeup Artists, Beauty Bloggers, Estheticians, Cosmetologists and Models.



Epiphany Beauty Makeup Mentoring and Coaching services are offered by our Key Makeup Artist, Charlene T. Easter to assist with enhancing overall knowledge, artistry skills, and business acumen beauty business professionals. This will be achieved via customized "skill building" coaching sessions and individualized mentoring.


Makeup Mentoring & Coaching Sessions

We offer Makeup Mentoring & Coaching on an as-needed basis for the beauty professional in need of customized mentoring sessions to LAUNCH or REBOOT their business and develop their artistry skills.


Our Key Makeup Artist, Charlene T. Easter developed a successful MUA Training and Certification program for a beauty school in Richmond, VA and managed all aspects of the program for almost 5 years. Charlene trained and led a team of MUA Instructors with a goal of ensuring MUA students were not only certified but gained the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully launch a career as a beauty professional. She created a quality curriculum that included an online forum to build community and share information, led in-class lectures and discussions, provided makeup demonstrations, facilitated hands-on practice sessions as well as coordinated and directed the finale photo shoot session with a professional photographer. Charlene taught and mentored several cohorts of MUA students during her tenure as Director of Makeup Artistry and is still committed to assisting new and aspiring beauty professionals with developing artistry and business skills via Epiphany Beauty Makeup Mentoring and Coaching Service offerings. 


These sessions are scheduled based on your availability and customized to meet your needs for personalized assistance which may include one of the following areas:



  • Artistry & Beauty Skills Development

  • Beauty Business Development

  • Portfolio Development Services

  • Coaching and Mentoring Services

  • Soft Skills Development

Contact us for additional information and to schedule a Discovery Call.

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BTS Photo Shoot with Jade Multicultural Salon
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